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Sleeping Beauty [7/?]




All characters belong to the Bond franchise, with the exception of Mark Ellis who is my own character.

One man's revenge has disastrous consequences for MI6. When Q's new development drug called Sleeping Beauty lands in the wrong hands, it's a race against time to find a cure.


Chapter 7


Bond couldn’t believe what he was seeing, how could she be here in front of him when he had just left her with Tanner in her medical room. Then it clicked. Tanner’s behaviour back in medical, this is what he meant by Q’s update. He cautiously approached the look-a -like M so not to frighten her.


“M, do you know who I am? ”


 She took a step backwards away from him as he came closer.


“I’m not going to hurt you.” He quickly reassured her.


 He lets out a small sigh of relief when she stopped her movements. Her blue eyes staring at him with curiosity.


 “Can you speak? ”


There was no answer, so he took that as a no. He was now standing in front of her, looking down into those deep blue eyes that he missed so much. He had no idea how much he missed them until now. They weren’t the same though. His M’s eyes would always hold a trace of amusement when ever she saw him, no matter how much she tried to hide it. The M in front of him however, her eyes held no recollection of who he was. He noticed she was just wearing a lab coat and was walking around in her bare feet.


“Oh 007, thank goodness you found her. ”


Bond looked to the out of breath Q and felt M move closer towards him.


“Mind telling me why M’s double is standing next to me? ”


Q let out a sigh, he was afraid of this, he could tell he was becoming protective of her clone. It was one of the reasons why he wanted to keep her from him, he would become attached and they would get nowhere.


“It’s not M 007, it’s a clone created from M’s blood sample. I felt it prudent that if I was to make an antidote to the sleeping beauty, it would be better to try it out on someone with the same genetic makeup as M, hence why we have the clone. ”


Bond looked at the M beside him, it would become less of a risk on his M’s life, but the thought of trying drugs on a replica of her is something that he couldn’t condone.


“No. You’re not using her as a test subject Q. She doesn’t deserve that. ”


“007 for once be reasonable, if we don’t use clone M here, our M may never wake up.”


“I know that Q! Look at her, she may not be our M, but she is still apart of her. She may not have her traits and personality, but she’s still a person Q despite her being created by science. ”


He felt a hand on his arm causing him to turn to her. She gave him what he considered to be a smile. He had a feeling she knew what they were saying, and he almost swore he saw his M’s determined look flash in her eyes before it was gone. He knew that look too well when his M showed it. It meant she had made up her mind and there was no changing it. She moved away from him and over to Q.


“It’s for the best 007.” Q told him with regret.


“I’m not moving until I know these tests are successful. ”


“What about…”


“Tanner is with her. I trust him enough to keep her safe and watch over her. ”


Q lets out a sigh. “Very well, we had better make a start. ”


Bond took his place at M’s other side and was startled when she took his hand in hers. Her hand was just as soft, as the hand he was holding only a few moments ago. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze to let her know that everything would be okay.


Once back in Q branch, Bond saw the various equipment that Q had ready, he couldn’t believe they were actually going through with this, then he remembered it was ‘M’s choice.


“Escort her over to the bed 007; it will be easier that way. ”


Bond did what Q asked demonstrated to her what she had to do, before getting up and motioning her to do the same. He gave her a small smile when she was propped up on the bed.


Q joined them a few moments later with the IV. He took her hand that was closest to him and inserted the needle in to the vein on the back of her hand.


Bond watched for any sign of distress coming from her. There was none except a slight grimace of pain that was caused by the needle being inserted. He watched as Q turned on the heart monitor switching it on, then placed heart rate censor clip on her finger. The gentle beep filled the room causing M to look confused and turn to him expecting him to provide an explanation.


“It’s a heart monitor; the beeps indicate your heart rate and pulse. ”


She seemed to accept the simple answer much to his relief. He didn’t want to listen to Q harper on about the technical details of heart monitors.


“007, you had best take this. Relax its just water. ”


He told him exasperated as he looked at the cup with disdain, before accepting it.


“What’s this for? ”


“To show M what I want her to do once I’ve given her her own cup. ”


Bond gave a nod, and waited until M had a similar cup to his own in her hand.

“You need to drink it, like this. ”


He put the cup to his lips and finished the water in one swallow.


“Now, it’s your turn. ”


She looked into the cup at the contents before copying what Bond had done only seconds ago. It felt weird to her, and she quickly swallowed.


“That wasn’t so bad was it? ”


He knew hers had traces of sleeping beauty in it. It wasn’t long before her eyes closed and the heart monitor signaled that she was a sleep. Noticing her head was at an uncomfortable position, he gently moved her head so it was resting against the pillows.


Q ignored the simple display of affection and instead focused on arranging the syringes each containing different drugs.


“So, now what?” Bond took his attention from her and instead looked at Q.


“Now we try various drugs, I managed to make a few, I’m hopeful one of them will work. ”


“And if they don’t? ”


“I keep trying until one is a success 007. ”


“What happens if she dies Q? What do we do then? I’m not a doctor but pumping someone’s body with different combinations of drugs isn’t going to have a positive effect. ”


“I know, if such an occasion arises we’ll have to create another clone or go to plan B.”


Bond folded his arms across his chest. “What’s plan B? ”


Q looked him straight in the eye. “We use 004. ”


“You’re actually agreeing to Tanner’s idea?” Bond’s tone held disbelief.


“Yes. Do you have a problem with that? ”


“No.” He didn’t have to think twice about it.


“Good, now let’s get started. ”


Q looked at the six syringes on the table next to him each with a different drug. Picking up the first syringe that was closest to him, he looked to 007 who gave him a nod. Inserting the syringe into the IV, he pushed the plunger injecting the contents into her then placed the used syringe in the tray.


They looked for any sign of change in the heart monitor or her waking up, but there was none.


“You had best have a seat 007 this could take a while. ”


Each time Q repeated the same process with each of the syringes, with only four and six showing signs of any change.


Bond lets out a frustrated sigh. “Those didn’t help any, did they? ”

“If you were paying attention 007 you would have heard me saying that the modafinil showed some change, along with the syringe containing ephedrine sulphate. If I combine both, I think we may have a drug to counter react the effects of sleeping beauty. ”


Bond sat up straighter in his seat and looked hopefully at Q.


Do you think that will work? ”


“If I get both dosages right, then maybe yes. Wait here, I may be a while. ”


Q decided to leave out the part that the side effects might cause her to go into cardiac arrest.


Bond watched him go. His heart feeling lighter that all this mess could soon be over. He looked to the clone M on the bed, if this combination of drugs worked, they would have a lot of explaining to do, especially when M will want to know why there is a carbon copy of her. Then there would be the issue of discussing what they should do about her clone. The couldn't exactly let her walk out of here, not knowing anything.

Just another bloody day at the office.” He mumbled aloud giving a sigh, so much for getting a bite to eat.


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