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Sleeping Beauty [6/?]




All characters belong to the Bond franchise, with the exception of Mark Ellis who is my own character.

One man's revenge has disastrous consequences for MI6. When Q's new development drug called Sleeping Beauty lands in the wrong hands, it's a race against time to find a cure.

Chapter 6

Q being frustrated was an understatement; he had no idea where to begin on how to reverse the effects. He knew in order to find out what would work he would need a live specimen; he refused to use animals it was inhumane in his opinion. He looked around the lab for any sign of what he could use, noticing the crash dummy, his eyes widened in realisation when he remembered the machine he had developed a few months back.


It wasn’t exactly perfect, but it could now come to some use. Pouring some of M’s blood that Doctor Phillips dropped off earlier in an empty test tube, he made his way to the vault room where he kept his ‘inconclusive’ inventions, as he preferred to call them. Quickly entering the code, the door unlocked and he made his way into the room. It didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for.


Turning on the machine, he poured the blood from the test tube into one of the cuvettes and closed the lid. He remembered the last time he tried using it with his own blood, the mess afterwards was a bugger to remove. Inputting the required settings, he pushed down on the start button. There was silence for a few moments before the machine began to make a whirling sound, which seemed to only get louder as the seconds wore on. ‘Come on work.’ He murmured aloud.


The lights in the room started to flicker, ‘Oh no not again.’ he thought to himself as he waited with bated breath; if this worked, it would make his job easier. The whirling suddenly died down and Q approached the machine. His eyes widened he couldn’t believe it had worked. The person now in front of him looked towards him their eyes holding confusion.


“What the bloody hell Q?


Q jumped startled and turned to look at Tanner who held a look of disbelief.


“Do you mind telling me why I am seeing a naked version of my boss in front of me when I just saw her in medical!?


“I can explain. Just let me get something to cover her up.


Tanner diverted his attention away from the look-a-like of his boss. Bond would have a fit if he found out he saw M naked before he did. All he knew was Bond was one lucky bastard if he and M started a relationship.


“You can turn round now Mr Tanner.


Tanner turned around around to see the now clothed ‘M’ in a lab coat. The images wouldn’t be leaving his mind anytime soon.


“Now, for your answers. Basically this is a genetic replication duplicity machine that I developed a few months back. To start with, It was- let’s say explosive. Anyways, what it does, is it takes the genetic sample from the DNA in the blood and creates a carbon copy of the person like so.


He indicated to the M in front of them.


“So in plain English you’ve developed a cloning machine?


“Yes, although it’s far from perfect. It only takes the genetic make up, any memories and thoughts are not transferred. The clone can walk, but can’t talk. I tried it myself when I first developed it with my own blood. The results were an exact replica of me, but at the same time it wasn’t me, no matter how much it was identical.


“I see, and what are you going to do with this clone of M?


“I’m going to use her as a test subject for the serum, the genetic makeup is the same as our M’s so finding the reverse effects to the sleeping beauty pill may be more conclusive.


Tanner lets out a grunt, “That’s better than my idea anyway.


Q looked at him warily, “What was your idea?


“Using Ellis. Now before you go with your unethical lecture, just know that if he had the chance again he would gladly kill M, and Bond too if he could.


“He told you that?


Tanner gave a nod, “I’ve never seen so much hatred directed towards two people as much as Ellis had shown.


Q couldn’t believe his ears, the more he heard, the more he quite liked Tanner’s idea.


“If plan A doesn’t work he can be our plan B.”


Tanner knew Q would be on his side, he secretly hoped plan A didn’t work, but then he thought back to the real M in medical and banished the thought from his mind. They needed her to wake up.


“I’ll leave you to it Q. Keep me updated on your progress.


“I will do Mr Tanner. Oh- before you go, how’s 007 doing?


Tanner’s face dropped. “Truthfully, not good. He’s at a loss and probably won’t leave her side anytime soon. If she doesn’t wake up Q, I think this maybe the one thing he won’t come back from. The loss of her would break him.


Q had a feeling this was the case, it made him more determined to succeed, if it took him all night or months he would try his hardest to make everything right.



Ellis woke in pain as he tried to remember what had happened. He could just make out the lights of medical through his swollen eyes. Then it all flooded back, bloody Bond.


It was Bond that caused him to be here the way he was, all because he touched a nerve about that uptight bitch. He didn’t undertsand what Bond saw in her, all he saw was an old woman with a stick up her arse, nothing special, yet he was like a love sick puppy sucking up to his mistress. It made him sick. He hoped she stayed the way she was it would do all of them a favour. He could always finish her off, then do the same to Bond, would put them both out of their misery. The thought itself caused him to become excited as he thought about suffocating her, then putting a bullet through Bond’s skull.


He just needed to find a way out of here undetected, which would be highly unlikely MI6 were no fools when it came to prisoners. He would have to think of something, and when he does Bond better watch his back because he won’t stop until they both get what they deserve.


Bond had no idea how long had passed, it felt like a lifetime and he still hadn’t heard any word from Q. He reached out with his free hand and ran his fingers through M’s hair. He had lost count of the amount of times he had wanted to do this, always wondering what her hair would feel like. He gave a small smile at the softness of it against his fingertips, she really was beautiful, and he had it bad. He planned to show her everyday how beautiful she was if she would let him.


He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t hear M’s room door opening, caused him to come alert.


“Relax Bond it’s just me.


He visibly relaxed hearing Doctor Phillips voice, ever since Ellis, he had been edgy waiting for the idiot to try something. He had met men similar to Ellis before. They were ruthless when they had set their mind on something.


“Any news from Q?


“Nothing as of yet, but hopefully he’ll have a break through soon. In the mean time, you should go home and get some rest, staying here isn’t healthy Bond.


“I’m staying Phillips; I wouldn’t get much rest if I left her so I’m better off here.


Phillips shook his head, “Fine, at least go and get something to eat. You have been here for four hours now.


He knew Phillips was right, but he didn’t want to leave her alone.


“Look, if it makes you feel better, I’ll call Tanner and ask him to stay with her until you get back.


He could trust Tanner. He wouldn’t let anyone harm her.


“Just Tanner though, no one else.


Phillips knew it was the best compromise he was going to get.


“All right Tanner it is. You need to look after yourself Bond you’ll be no use to M if you collapse from exhaustion and lack of food.


He had an inkling that his feelings for M were going to have a part in making him do what they asked. It didn’t help that Phillip’s was right as well. ‘Damn Doctors.


Phillips knew he had Bond; he wouldn’t put his own health at risk if it meant that he couldn’t protect M.


“When Tanner arrives you had better get yourself some food, do I make myself clear?


“Crystal, don’t you have a phone call to make?


Phillips rolled his eyes and left him alone with M once again causing Bond to let out a relieved sigh. He knew Phillips meant well, but he could be bloody annoying.


“M next time you hire staff, please for the love of god make sure they aren’t annoying.


“It’s nice to see you appreciate your fellow staff members Bond.


Bond quickly turned his head, seeing an amused Tanner in front of him.


“You got here quick.


“I was in Q branch then headed back here when Phillips saw me and told me to take over from you so you could get a bite to eat. It seemed he had the same idea as me.


“I might have known. Take it there is no updates then?


Tanner looked back to the real M on the bed and could feel his face flush as he thought back to what he saw in Q’s lab.


“Depends on what you mean by update.


Bond didn’t miss the look he gave M or the red tinge his cheeks had now acquired. There was something Tanner wasn’t telling him, and he bet his money it was something to do with Q.


“Are you sure there isn’t anything Tanner?


Positive Bond, now would you go and get something to eat before Doctor Phillips has my head as well as yours.


He could tell he was lying, but he would let it be for now. He would find out eventually no doubt. He placed a kiss on the back of her hand, before letting go and turning to Tanner.


“You had best look after her.


“You have my word Bond, nothing will happen.


Satisfied Bond reluctantly rose from his seat and made his way out of the room; if he looked back, he knew he wouldn’t leave. Once this whole business is cleared up, the sooner he’ll rest better.




The cloned M kept her attention on Q as he walked back and forth between counters retrieving the equipment he would need.


Q felt it’s- no her eyes on him as he moved around the room. It may be a clone, but she had all the physical characteristics of a human. He was so focused on his task. He didn’t see ‘M’ leave and out the safe confines of Q branch.


“Right, I think that’s everything.


He turned around and swore under his breath when he saw that she was gone. Looking towards the door, he noticed it was open. Placing the items he had on the table, he followed after the clone hoping she didn’t get too far.


She was curious everything was new to her. She had no idea where she was, or what she was, all she knew was that she was different. Following the corridor, she noticed the various people who looked similar to her, but she knew they weren’t the same. She continued on no one paying her any attention as they concentrated on their tasks.


She had no idea where she was going; the vast corridors seemed never ending. Reaching out her hands, she touched the walls noting the smooth texture beneath her fingertips looking at it in awe. Retracting her hand, she continued her journey only to stop when she heard someone walking in her direction. She looked around for somewhere to hide.


She jumped when she heard the deep voice. The stranger started started to walk towards her, she felt her heart beat faster and herself start to shake. Whoever this person was, she could tell he was different from the one she had met in the room.

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