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Sleeping Beauty [5/?]




All characters belong to the Bond franchise, with the exception of Mark Ellis who is my own character.

One man's revenge has disastrous consequences for MI6. When Q's new development drug called Sleeping Beauty lands in the wrong hands, it's a race against time to find a cure.


Chapter 5

Ellis jumped when the interview room door slammed opened, turning to see the murderous face of James Bond in the doorway. Before Ellis knew what was happening, he felt himself being pulled out of his seat and slammed up against the wall.


“What’s the matter Bond? Have I touched a nerve?


“You have no right to speak about her like that!


“I might have known her loyal lap dog would defend her! Tell me Bond, are you fucking her!?


Bond pulled him away from the wall, turned him around and slammed him into the metal desk his face colliding with the surface.


“Bond, that’s enough!


He ignored Tanner, and put all his weight on top of Ellis holding him down.


“I would listen to Tanner Bond, wouldn’t want to upset the uptight bitch would we? But then again she might never wake up, so it won’t really, matter will it?” He gave a breathless laugh.


Bond saw a flash of red in front of his eyes, he didn’t care what would happen, he only knew he would feel better once he got rid of the scum in front of him. He wasn’t aware of what he was doing, didn’t register the protests of Tanner ordering him to stop, or Ellis’ cries of pain. It was only when M’s past words repeated in his head and the hands on his arms pulling him away, that he realised the full extent of what he had done.


Ellis was lying on the floor unmoving; his face was covered in blood, and bruises. Bond looked down at his hands noticing his knuckles were in a similar state. He never intended it to go as far as it did, but he wasn’t sorry. He would do it again if the occasion called for it.


“Is he still alive?


He could feel his heart beating erratically in his chest as he tried to get his breathing under control as he watched Tanner checking Ellis’ pulse.


“He’s alive Bond, no doubt he’ll be spending time in medical!” He turned to the agents who were still restraining Bond.


“Get the medical team here, even though he doesn’t deserve the fuss. He turned his attention away from the agents and focused on Bond.


“And you go and get cleaned up! I’ll be having words with you about following orders!


Bond not needing telling twice marched out the room leaving the mess that he had created behind. He knew he shouldn’t have let Ellis rile him up, but he wouldn’t let anyone get away with talking about M like that.


Reaching the changing rooms, he made his way in, walked over to one of the sinks, and turned on the water. He held back a wince as the water made contact with his abused knuckles, the water turning red as he slowly started to wash off Ellis’ blood watching as it swirled down the drain.


If M could see him now, she would have been disappointed, probably give him a bollocking to boot about controlling his temper. Turning off the water, he reached out for some paper towels and dried off his hands. He had no idea what he was going to say to M when she woke up; no doubt, she will want to know every detail as to why he nearly killed another agent. Frustrated, he tossed the used paper towels in the bin and decided to go and see M. Her presence always seemed to calm him and right now, he could use all the calmness he could get.


Finding himself once again in M’s room, he noticed nothing had changed; she was still the same way he had left her earlier. Making his way over the chair that was next to M’s bed, he sat down and got himself comfortable, not knowing how long he would be here. He hoped Q could come up with a serum and soon. Not knowing what was going to happen was always the hardest part. He leaned back in the chair, hand still firmly grasped in M’s as he let his eyes close.


Tanner found him a few hours later in the same position. He needed to speak to him about following orders and his behaviour, but truthfully, he was glad Bond beat that bastard Ellis or he would have done it himself. M may be his boss, but she was also someone he could call a friend. He could only imagine how hard Bond was coping with M’s current state. Seeing him asleep in the chair with his hand clasped with hers caused Tanner’s heart to break. There was no denying how much Bond cared for her. Ellis’ current injuries were proof of that. He didn’t want to ruin the moment, but he couldn’t let Bond off the hook for disobeying direct orders.


Bond’s eyes opened when he heard the door to M’s room opening, tuning to the noise he saw Tanner in the doorway, his face unreadable. Bond waited for the lecture that was about to come on following orders.


“Bond it’s time we had that talk.


“We will, but can’t it wait until later.


Tanner closed the door behind him. It was the first time he saw M since he heard about what had happened. She looked peaceful; if it wasn’t for the gentle beats of the heart monitor he would have assumed the worst. He was just so used to her being active and giving orders, but seeing her quiet and still was not the M he knew. He looked to Bond and noticed his attention was back on M. It didn’t take a mind reader to know that he was at a loss.


“I would usually say no, but this time I suppose it can wait.


“What’s the news on Ellis?


He couldn’t give a rats arse about him if he was honest, but he needed to know.


“He’ll live, although his face will take the time to recover. The bastard got off lightly if you ask me.


Bond looked to Tanner, “I never pegged you for condoning violence.


“I don’t usually, but given the fact that the person on the receiving end of that violence blatantly admitting to try and kill your boss if he could and insulting her, I can let that moral slide”


“What are you going to do with him once he’s healed?


“Relax Bond, he won’t get off lightly. He will be stripped of his double 0 license and be detained based on the charges of attempted murder of a fellow agent, as well as his sueprior. All his personal information will be erased; it will be as if he didn’t exist.


Bond seemed satisfied with the result, but he wouldn’t be forgetting about him anytime soon.


“Have you heard any news from Q?


Bond rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.


“Not yet, he says if he does manage to get a serum made, it could put M at risk.


Tanner closed his eyes he could kill Ellis himself for this.


“How will we know it will actually work?


We don’t. I’ve told Q to administer it to her if he can create one.


He kept his attention on M hoping against hope that she would open her eyes, but there wasn't any movement.


“You’re going to risk M’ life like that!?” Tanner’s voice held disbelief.


“There’s no other choice, I’ll tell you what I told Q. If there is the slightest chance, a serum will work then use it, because I refuse to leave her like this. Is that what you want for her? To see her day in and day out, lying in a bed not moving, because I sure as hell don’t- and I’m sure she wouldn’t either.


Tanner looked at M and knew Bond was right; she wouldn’t want to stay like this.


“You’re right she wouldn’t, but there may be another way.


Bond turned his attention from M and gave him a questioning look, “Like what?


“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we could test it out on Ellis. Give him the sleeping beauty then administer the serum once Q creates it and see if it works. If it doesn't, then Q can modify it.


Tanner you do realise this is unethical, and when and if M hears about this she will have your head.


“Why Bond it seems M is rubbing off on you after all. We will worry about the consequence later. If I’m honest he started this mess, so he can finish it.


It may be unethical, but at least they would know if it works, and if it doesn’t at least M would still be alive.


“We’ll do it, but I don’t think Q will be as willing.


“Bond, Q has known M for years trust me he will be wiling.” Tanner reassured him.


Bond turned back to M a ghost of a smile on his lips; everything may work out all right after all.


“I’ll leave you two alone Bond, but please for the love of God when she wakes up tell her how you feel. Watching both of you dance around each other gives me a bloody headache.


“You as well, is there anyone in this agency who doesn’t know about my feelings for her?


“No, and the stunt you pulled earlier you have just much or less proved your feelings for the boss Bond.


Bond lets out a groan. “She’s going to kill me.


“At first maybe, but once the shock wears off- you’ll have to wait and see.


Bond watched as Tanner left a smug grin plastered on his face as he did so. ‘And they say I’m the smug bastard.


He could just imagine what she would have said to that ‘That’s because you usually are.


He inwardly smiled, then sobered up realising that if M did reciprocate his feelings then no doubt those arse covering prigs that M loves to call them would be breathing down her neck. Then again, it may not get that far, he knew much as anyone that she doesn’t let her feelings get in the way of the job, and starting a relationship with him would be ‘unprofessional’ in her opinion. He let out a sigh, why did everything have to be complicated, he knew Tanner was right; he would have to wait and see what would happen.



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