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Sleeping Beauty [4/?]




All characters belong to the Bond franchise, with the exception of Mark Ellis who is my own character.

One man's revenge has disastrous consequences for MI6. When Q's new development drug called Sleeping Beauty lands in the wrong hands, it's a race against time to find a cure.

Chapter 4

Tanner saw Bond enter the hallway to M’s office; from his body language, he knew it wasn’t good. He was glad he sent Moneypenny home early despite her protests. At least she wouldn’t have to witness a temperamental James Bond.


“I need you to contact Ellis and tell him to get back to headquarters!


“Bond I think you had better calm down and tell me what’s happened.


“Ellis is what happened! He’s the bloody reason for this whole mess!


“You had better explain. What did you find out?


The drugs found in M’s blood are from a pill called sleeping beauty that Q is developing. From what he told me, Ellis was down there earlier, I met him in the hallway as I was heading to speak with M. My phone went, and I gave him one of the cups to hold.


“So he added the pills to the coffee when you weren’t looking, which you later gave to M?


“Precisely. The dosage was triple the amount of that found in one pill. If M drank that full cup of coffee it would have killed her!


Tanner stood there stunned, he didn’t know Ellis well, he only knew him from his file and from what M told him, but he isn’t surprised he would pull a stunt like this. He gave Bond a curious glance trying to get into that mind of his to find out what he was thinking, but he had a feeling he already knew.


“So what are you going to do once he’s here? Beat him, kill him?


“Both options sound appealing right now!


Tanner knew he was serious, no matter how much the bastard deserved what was coming for him, he couldn’t allow Bond to go on a rampage for revenge.


“If I bring him in, you let me deal with him Bond. The last thing I need is to fill out paperwork and write a report on how a double 0 agent was killed inside headquarters by a fellow agent!


He knew Tanner was right; they didn’t need the hassle of a dead employee on top of everything else.


“Fine, but I’m listening in while you interrogate him. I need to know why he did it.


“Alright, but that’s as far as it goes where you’re involved Bond. Do I make myself clear?




Finding Ellis’ number from his file, he quickly dialled it putting the phone on speaker. The didn’t have to wait long before the voice on the other end answered, causing Bond to clench his jaw to prevent him from saying anything.


“Ellis, it’s Tanner. We have a situation at headquarters and need all available agents to come in.


“I thought I was suspended?


“You were, but I’m un-suspending you. Get yourself to headquarters as quickly as possible that’s an order!


“Very well. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.


“Make it ten!


Tanner hung up the call and looked towards the now tense Bond.


“When he comes into headquarters you will remain hidden until he is in that interview room!


Tanner didn’t wait for an answer, but instead made his way to meet Ellis for when he arrived, leaving an angry Bond in his wake.




Ellis hung up the phone and gave a full-blown grin that his plan was a success. No doubt, M was at her precious agents’ side, leaving Tanner to do all her work. With her best agent out of commission, they would be looking for another double to take over Bond’s missions. Now he only needed to get that bitch replaced. It would only be a matter of time. The minister didn’t sound too happy when he called him earlier informing him that the Head of MI6 was having sexual relations with one of her agents and it was interfering on how she performed her job. He gave a smirk, she was going to regret suspending him. And by the sounds of it, it looked like M’s days were now numbered. Everything appeared to be working in his favour. M was about regret ever suspending him.


Grabbing his car keys, he quickly left his apartment eager to get to headquarters to see what was actually happening. By the sound of Tanner’s voice, it wasn’t good. The drive took him just under ten minutes, thankful that he had taken a flat close to MI6; proved handy on these occasions. Quickly parking his car, he made his way to the entrance noticing Tanner was already waiting for him.


“What’s the emergency?


“I’m not at liberty to discuss it here. Follow me.


Ellis confused at his callous attitude, followed after him with two agents positioned on either side of him. He had no idea where they were going. The silence was starting to unnerve him.


“Where’s M?


“I think you already know the answer to that.


He felt his palms sweat, for the first time he felt what actual fear was. The pills were harmless just to teach them both a lesson nothing serious, but he now realised that something else must have taken place when he noticed they were in interrogation.


“Here we are.


They had stopped outside a metal door; Ellis didn’t know what was waiting for him on the other side. The rooms were only ever used to interrogate terrorists or for questioning agents who were considered to be corrupt.


“Why are we here?


All of his earlier confidence seemed to have deserted him, and instead replaced with a feeling of dread that now seemed to loom over him.


“You have some explaining to do and you’re not leaving here until you tell me what I want to know.


Tanner opened the door, and Ellis noticed the table and two chairs in the center with a glass mirror on the back wall.


“After that it will be decided what will happen to you. Now get in!


He felt himself being pushed none too gently into the room by the agents that were situated on either side of him. Upon reaching the table, they forced him to sit on one of the chairs, while he watched Tanner take the other.


“We have reason to believe that you have taken Q branch property, which in turn endangered someone’s life.


Ellis lets out a scoff, leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest.


“And who told you that? Was it M? If she really thinks that then maybe it’s time MI6 recruited a new head, preferably one, without favouritism to a certain agent.




Bond looked through the viewing mirror. Rage overpowering every rational sense he had left. They would have to deal with him and many other agents first before they thought about getting rid of her. She always stood by her agent’s and chances are if they did get rid of her, then they would be looking for more than one new staff member.


He continued to watch Ellis who was oozing with confidence that they had nothing on him. He knew it was a facade he saw the fear in his eyes when they escorted him into the room. Taking deep breaths, he tried to reign in his emotions so he could listen to what was happening in the room in front of him.




“We’re not here to discuss M’s ability to do her job. You will do well to remember that she is your boss and you will treat her with respect! Now why did you take the pills?


“I really have no idea what you’re talking about Tanner! You’re backing up the wrong tree here!


Tanner was unimpressed by his ignorant attitude.


“There were three pills missing from Q branch. A source told us that you were in the department after your debriefing with M.”


“Yes, I was in Q branch after my debriefing, but I know nothing of any pills!


“So, you’re denying ever hearing about the pills that have been called sleeping beauty?


Ellis lets out a sigh. “Q branch has always been known to lose some of its new inventions.


“Cut the crap Ellis! You were informed what the effects of those pills did. You stole three of them! Then you met Bond on your way back who was carrying two cups of coffee!


“You’re point being?


“We did an analysis on the coffee; there were traces of triple the amount of drugs contained in each of those pills!


Ellis leaned forward, unfolding his arms and was now resting them on the table, smirk firmly in place.


“What makes you believe it was me that spiked the coffee? It could have been her precious Bond looking to gain more attention. Face it Tanner you have nothing to go on!


Tanner gave his own smirk in response.


“That’s where you would be mistaken. You see Bond was never near Q branch. He gave you one of the cups to hold while he answered his phone. While he was distracted, it gave you enough time and the opportunity to slip all three pills into the drink undetected. What I want to know is why?


His smirk vanished and was replaced with hatred.


“You want to know why? Isn’t it obvious? I’m sick of Bond being the boss’ favourite! It’s one rule for him, a different one for the rest of us! I was suspended for something Bond does regularly, but he just gets a slap on the wrist. He walks around like he owns the place; it was time someone reined him in if M wasn’t going to do it!


Tanner sat there stunned at the amount of venom in his voice with each word that came out of his mouth.


“Yes, I put the pills in the coffee; they’re harmless. I just used them to put her best agent out of commission for a while, and then she would have no choice but to un-suspend me and give me all of Bond’s missions!




Bond couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The coffee was never meant for M. It was intended for him. Ellis may have spiked the coffee, but he was the one that delivered it to her, nearly killing her in the process.




“You’re an agent! You were purposely going to put a fellow agent’s life in danger out of jealously!


“There was not any danger! The pills only put the person receiving them to sleep for a considerable amount of time! Since Q said they weren’t properly tested I took three to make the effects last longer!


“And that makes it all right does it? Let me tell you something! Those pills that you thought were harmless; in high quantities they are lethal. You spiked the coffee with a triple dosage which could have inconsequently killed a fellow agent should they have drunk the full contents!


Ellis felt all fight leave him at Tanner’s words.


“You should know that because of your actions, your boss is in medical under the pills effects! How does it feel to know that you were nearly responsible in killing the Head of this Secret Intelligence Service?


Ellis could feel his mouth dry up a he thought of a response.


“Truthfully?” He looked Tanner straight in the eye.


“If I had the chance to do it again, I would make sure the bitch drank the full contents!” He gave Tanner a sinister smile.


Bond had heard enough. He was going to kill the bastard.





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