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Sleeping Beauty [3/?]




All characters belong to the Bond franchise, with the exception of Mark Ellis who is my own character.

One man's revenge has disastrous consequences for MI6. When Q's new development drug called Sleeping Beauty lands in the wrong hands, it's a race against time to find a cure.

Chapter 3

He made it to Q branch in record time, pushing through the doors, ignoring the protests from the staff.  

“007, your manners are something to be desired for. ”  

“I have no time for pleasantries Q.”  

Q took in his appearance noticing how anxiousness he looked. There was no cockiness or smart arse comments only worry.  

“What’s happened? ”  

“It’s M, she collapsed in her office. They're currently running tests to find out what caused it, but I need you to run a few tests of your own. ”  

“What do you need 007? ”  

“I need you to run an analysis on this coffee. I think whatever caused M to collapse has something to do with this. ”   He handed the still full cup over to him.  

“I’ll see what I can find. ”  

“How long do you think it will take? ”  

“I’m not a miracle worker 007, but given the circumstances, an hour at most. ”  

“I appreciate this Q.” James told him gratefully.  

“You’re not the only one who cares about her 007. She means a great deal to everyone who works here. ”  

“I know, she has a way of getting under your skin. ”  

Q wasn’t stupid he had known 007 for years, and he knew from his demure that he cared for M perhaps more than he should. He was no fool he saw the way they both looked at each other when the thought no one was looking. He only wished they would both do something about it. It was obvious they cared for each other more than that of boss and employee.  

“For once I have to agree with you 007. I’ll contact you once I have the results. Now go to M and make yourself useful. ”  

Bond stood there stunned was he that obvious.  

“I’ve known for a while you’re feelings for M 007, it wasn’t exactly rocket science. You should tell her when she wakes what you feel for her. I can guarantee you she no doubt feels the same. Now if only one of you would get your act together and do something about it, so I don’t have to work under all this sexual tension whenever you’re both under this department. It would be greatly appreciated. ”  

“I never pegged you as a matchmaker Q.”  

“It’s the only way I can knock sense into you both considering your love interest is also my boss. I would like to keep my job; I have a few years left in me yet. ”  

He still hadn’t moved causing Q to roll his eyes. Don’t you have somewhere to be? ”  

James gave Q one of his genuine smiles and quickly left making his way to medical. He had no idea what the tests or Q’s analysis would find, he just hoped it wasn’t serious.  

“James Bond, back in medical already I’m seriously considering getting you your own bed here. ”   One of the nurses walked towards him. She was petite in height, with her brown hair pinned back in a bun, her blue eyes sparkling at him in amusement as she gave him a flirty smile.  

“For once Stacey I’m not here for me, I’m looking for M.”  

Any other time he would put on his famous Bond charm and talk her into bed, but now he only cared for one woman and she was currently somewhere in this facility.

“There still carrying out tests on her at the moment, I’ll keep you posted once I find anything out, but I’m willing to keep you occupied until then. ”  

“No thank you Stacey that won’t be necessary I have more important things on my mind other than a quick fuck. ”  

The smile was gone at his callous remark.  “Suit yourself, you can wait over there or come back later. ”  

“I’ll wait.” He made his way over to one of the seats that were there and sat down, watching as Stacey went back to her tasks.

In the past, he would have taken her up on her offer, but not anymore.   He wondered how everything went downhill in just under a few minutes. He kept replaying the moment over in his head. He had never felt as helpless as what he did in that moment. He was meant to protect her, and instead he may be the very reason why she is here in the first place.   James had no idea how long he had been sitting there. He was starting to become restless waiting for news on her condition.  

“Bond.”   He looked up at the sound of the voice and saw Bill Tanner walking towards him.  

“What’s happening? ”  

“I don’t know they’re still running tests. ”  

Tanner lets out a sigh and took the vacant seat next to Bond.  

“How did the meeting go? ”  

“It could have been better. Let’s just say they weren’t too happy when I got up and left despite their protests and threats. ”  

James lets out a chuckle. “Never thought I would see the day where Bill Tanner disobeyed direct orders. ”  

“Yes, well it was an emergency, and besides the meeting was pointless anyway. ”  

“I’m sure M will agree with you. ”   He felt another pang in his heart at her name and all trace of humour left his face as he started to be come agitated.

The longer he waited, the more his worry for her was increasing. He got up and began to pace in front of Tanner, who looked at him calculatingly and had to bite back a knowing smile. He had a feeling Bond had deeper feelings for their boss, and in this moment in time that thought was proving to be true.  

“Bond would you sit down. They will let us know once they know something. ”

He gave Tanner a scowl and sat back down, frustrated that there was still no news. He wished they would hurry up. An hour and half later, Tanner nudged Bond when he saw the Doctor heading in their direction. Bond looked to where Tanner was staring and stood up.

"About bloody time." He mumbled under his breath when the doctor was near.

It was on closer inspection that Bond just realised how young he looked. If it wasn't for the file in his hand and the white coat, he would have assumed he was just out of school. His sandy brown hair was neatly tamed and he was clean shaven which didn't help matters. His brown eyes bore into his blue ones, as if he knew what he was thinking. He knew of only one other person like that and she was the reason why they were here. But he doubted they would be related. There was no evidence in her file that she had any children from her ex husband. He was looking far too much into things. The deep, but soft spoken voice sounded strange to Bond, all he knew was from his appearance his family must have bloody good genes.

"I'm Doctor Philips, I've been assigned with M's case."

Tanner took his hand and shook it when Bond wasn't going to. "Tanner and this is..."

"Bond, James Bond."

Philips tried not so smile, "You have a reputation here, or so I've heard."

Bond didn't have time for all of this, "Look forget the pleasantries, just tell us what you have found out? ”


“I still see you haven’t developed any manners Bond. Looks like those rumours are indeed true."

Phillips pressed on before Bond could answer him back.

"We have done every test imaginable and all show she is in perfect health for someone her age. However, her blood work came back with traces of Benzodiazepine. ”


Bond looked to Tanner confused. “Isn’t that one of the ingredients in sleeping pills? ”


“Yes, but this version has been slightly modified there were also traces of Chloral Hydrate and Fluoxetine."

"Which means what exactly?"

"Basically, the use of Fluoxetine enhances the prolonged sedative effects of Chloral Hydrate. Now when those two drugs are combined with Benzodiazepine, you have one powerful sleeping pill. Luckily the amount in her blood was small; if it was higher we would be looking at heart and lung failure. ”


Bond’s face paled, “Will she be alright? ”


“As I said the trace of the drugs was small, but I’m worried about the effect that three high class drugs mixed together will have on her body. We are monitoring her around the clock, but to put it plainly- she is simply sleeping. I can’t find anything else from her tests that indicates otherwise. We have her on a saline solution to keep her hydrated and we have hooked her up to a heart monitor as a precaution. ”


“Can we see her? ”


“I suppose I can allow it, but only one at a time. Last thing I need is a crowd around my patient. ”


He could wait; he knew Bond needed this more than he did.


“Go Bond, I’ll go and update Moneypenny on her condition. ”


Bond gave him a grateful look and followed Phillips to where M was located, stopping when they were outside one of the medical rooms.


“Don’t stay too long Bond; she wouldn’t want MI6 to stop running just because she is out of commission. She would still expect you to do your job. ”


“I know, I’ll only be a few moments. ”


Phillips nodded “I’ll leave you to it then. ”


Bond waited until he was alone before taking a deep breath and entered her room. He hoped he would never have to visit her here. Yet here he was. She lay in the center of the medical bed, unmoving. Closing the door behind him, he made his way over to her. Her white hair blended in with the white pillow supporting her head. Her black lashes contrasted against her fair skin, which was adorned with wrinkles. If anything the lines made her more beautiful. He gently traced the lines on her face with his fingertips, taking in every detail he could. It was the first time he actually took notice of the colour of her lips, which were a lovely shade of rosy-red.


“I’m sorry this happened to you M, but I promise you I’ll make it right. You have my word. ”


Being mindful of the IV, he reached down and entwined his hand with hers, hoping she would realise that he was there with her and she wasn’t alone. The only sound was the gentle beep of the heart monitor. He was used to her presence and her shrewd remarks that more often than not outwitted his own. She really was the only woman sharp enough to keep him in line, never giving up on him when so many others would.


The knock on the door brought him out of his mellow thoughts, turning around noticing Doctor Phillips entering the room.


“There’s been a call from Q; he needs to speak with you right away. ”


James gave him a nod in acknowledgement and turned back to M, giving her a sad smile.


“I’ll be back as soon as I can. ”


With regret, he let go of her hand and made his way to Q branch. He had a feeling he knew what Q’s analysis had found, but he would prefer a second opinion on the matter. He walked through the doors to see Q waiting for him a look of dread on his face, causing him to stop in his tracks.


“What did you find Q? ”


“I analysed the coffee, there was traces of…”


“Let me guess, Benzodiazepine, Chloral Hydrate and Fluoxetine. ”


Q looked perplexed “Yes, and from my results there was more than enough in that one cup to kill someone instantly should they have drunk the full contents. ”


He felt his mouth become dry, he didn’t wish to think about the loss of M. The thought was unbearable, but he needed answers.


“What I want to know is how it came into contact with the coffee and M. I’ve never heard of a drug with that combination.”


“That’s because there isn’t. It’s my creation 007. ”


It was Bond’s turn to look confused. “You had best start from the beginning Q.”


“Very well, you had best follow me. ”


Bond didn’t need telling twice, as he followed Q ignoring everything that was going on around him.


“As you know M doesn’t take too kindly when you kill the main suspects on missions. So, I started to develop a drug that would make everyone’s job somewhat easier. ”


Q stopped at his desk and opened the drawer pulling out a brown bottle that contained a few pills inside.


“These are what I call sleeping beauty. The theory is if you slip your target one of these they will be out like a light. It’s like your standard sleeping pill except with the small traces of Chloral Hydrate and Fluoxetine to make the effects last longer. However, due to them being still in development they haven’t been properly tested. ”


Bond watched as Q unscrewed the lid and tipped a few pills into his hand. They did just look like your everyday pill.


“If there is only a small dose of Chloral Hydrate and Fluoxetine in them then why did you say the coffee contained a high amount that could kill someone? ”


Q let out a sigh. “There was more than one pill in the coffee 007, and since i started with ten and only have seven, I would go as far and say there was three. Although there is merely a trace of the chemical in one pill alone, triple that amount would cause death. I’m assuming M only took a few sips at most, but it was still enough to cause her to fall asleep. Since the traces found in M’s blood were small, she may wake up within a few hours. ”


“And if she doesn’t, how do we reverse the effects? ”


This was the question he had been dreading.


“We can’t. I haven’t had a chance to develop a serum that would arouse a person once unconscious. Since the pills haven’t been properly tested out, the person could be asleep for hours, days, weeks, months, maybe even years. ”


Bond’s face paled he didn’t want to think about M being unconscious for that length of time.


“There’s got to be something Q! ”


Q didn’t know what to say. He had no idea how James would react if M didn’t wake up anytime soon.


“I can try to create a serum, but I can’t promise it will work. If anything, it could cause a chemical reaction, which may make matters worse. Are you willing to risk her life 007? ”


“If there is even the smallest chance it will work we administer it. I refuse to leave her like that for years knowing she would eventually die that way. ”


Q gave a nod. “Alright, I’ll start working on a serum; hopefully luck will be on our side. I knew I shouldn’t have left these out in the open. You Double 0’s are far too curious for your own good. ”


Bond ears picked up at that. “Which other Double 0’s are we talking about Q? ”


Q looked at him as if he had grown a second head, “004, he came here after his debriefing with M. He saw the pills on the desk and started questioning what they were. ”


“I’ll kill him! ”


“007 you can’t possibly think it was 004 do you? ”


“Oh I don’t think Q I know. How else do you explain your pills being in contact with the coffee and M. I gave him one of the coffee cups to hold when I had to answer my phone? It gave him enough time to slip those pills into the coffee undetected! ”


Q’s eyes widened in shock, “Dear God. What would he hope to achieve by this? ”


“Revenge, because M suspended him? I’m not sure, but I’m going to find out! ”


Q knew Bond let his anger over take his common sense.


“Think before you act 007. M wouldn’t want you to something which you would later regret. ”


True, but as she always tells me regret is unprofessional. Ellis has a great deal to answer for! I’ll make sure of that! ”


Q watched as he marched out of Q branch and shook his head. “That’s what I’m afraid of.” He murmured to himself.


Bond had to refrain from punching something or rather someone. He always knew Ellis was trouble ever since he first set eyes on him. He was imprudent, there was no denying that, but he was also vindictive and deceitful. Bond didn’t trust him as far as he could throw him. He needed to find Tanner. It’s time Ellis got what was coming to him.


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