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Sleeping Beauty [2/?]




All characters belong to the Bond franchise, with the exception of Mark Ellis who is my own character.

One man's revenge has disastrous consequences for MI6. When Q's new development drug called Sleeping Beauty lands in the wrong hands, it's a race against time to find a cure.

Chapter 2

Bond made his way up to M’s office in record time and noticed Moneypenny typing away on her computer, giving a small smile when he cleared his throat.


“Finally back James, is one of those for me? ”


She stopped typing and looked towards him.


“I thought M could do with a pick me up. ”


She leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest.


“This usually means you have done something on your latest mission, and the coffee is a peace offering. ”


Bond looked towards her in amusement. “Ah Moneypenny, it’s like you have no faith in my abilities. ”


“Bond if you would stop distracting Moneypenny and come into my office we can get this debriefing over with. ”


“You heard M James, may want to get a move on. ”


He gave her a wink and walked to the door to M’s office.


“Moneypenny, could you get the door please? ”


“If I must. ”


She walked over and opened the door for him watching him enter before closing it behind him.


M’s eyes held amusement as Bond stood in front of her holding the two coffee cups.


“Finally made it then Bond, I never took you for the caffeine type. ”


He gave her a smirk and made his way over to her desk placing one of the cups in front of her.


“I thought you could use a pick me up Ma’am. ”


“What have you done this time? ”


He took a seat in front of her desk, taking a drink from his own cup before answering.


“What makes you think that i’ve done anything? Can’t an agent bring his boss a coffee? ”


She raised one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows in response.


“Not when you’re involved, it’s usually as a peace offering. ”


Bond lets out a mock sigh and decided to change the subject.


“I saw Ellis on the way up here, and he seemed pissed even though he tried to hide it. ”


“I suspended him, I can’t afford to have agents disobeying orders and blowing their cover, but we’re not here to discuss Ellis we’re here to discuss your mission. ”


She removed the lid from her cup and took a drink of the lukewarm liquid.


“It was a success as you know; you will also be surprised to know that the damage was minimal this time around. ”


“Well, it’s good to see that some things are changing at least, but I won’t hold my breath it will last long. ”


She was studying the report in front of her while taking another sip of coffee.


“You managed to return gadgets to Q branch as well? Christ Bond are you feeling alright? ”


“I can follow orders now and again M, no need to sound so surprised. ”


“When you’re involved Bond, nearly every mission is a surprise. ”


“I’ll take that as a compliment. Admit it M your job would be boring if it wasn’t for me. ”


She gave him a diminutive smile, stood up and walked over to the window looking out towards the London skyline.


“At least your oversized ego will never be a surprise. Did the CIA get their suspect in one piece? ”


“Depends what you mean on one piece, alive then yes they did. ”


M gave him a reproachful look. “At least that’s something. ”


She brought her hand to her mouth to hide a yawn that broke free.


“When was the last time you slept M?” His voice laced with concern.


“Just last night, I won’t deny today has been a long day. ”


She felt her body become sluggish the energy she had mere moments ago was now non-existent. She placed her hand on the window to hold herself up. She could feel the room start to spin and looked over dazedly at Bond.


James placed his own coffee down on her desk and made his way over to her worry etched on his face.




She tried to focus on his face, but all she saw was a blur as her eyelids became heavy and started to close.


James placed an arm around her shoulders, and became more worried when she leaned into him her body no longer able to support itself. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her over to the couch she kept there. He gently placed her down, noticing her eyes had almost closed.


“M, I need you to keep your eyes open. ”


He grasped one of her hands in his and gently started rubbing soothing circles on the back of it.


“Moneypenny! ”


He heard the door to the office open and looked to see a look of worry flash across her face when she noticed the semi-conscious M lying on the couch.


“Get the med team up here stat. ”


He watched as she hurried from the room and turned his attention to the woman who meant everything to him, even though he didn’t always show it.




“I’m here M.” He gave her hand a gentle squeeze in comfort; he swore he felt his heart stop at the quietness and far away sound of her voice.


She had to be all right, he didn’t know what he would do if she wasn’t. He needed her, more than he ever needed any other woman in his life, There was no denying that he cared deeply for her, she had slowly crept into his heart over the years. She was more than a boss to him, she was a confidante, someone he trusted and above all someone he loved.




“I know, but you have to stay awake until the med team gets here. ”


James noticed her eyes had already closed.




He gently shook her hoping she would open her eyes, or make a sound, but there was merely silence. Moving his free hand near her nose and mouth, he let out a relieved sigh when he felt her gentle breaths against his skin.


“You have to hold on M.”


He moved out the way when the medical team made their way over to them.


“What happened? ”


One of the medics asked him checking their patient over.


“I’m not too sure, she was debriefing me, then she walked over to the window she looked tired. I went over to her that was when she collapsed against me. ”


“How long has she been unconscious for? ”


“Not even five minutes. She lost consciousness just before you got here. ”


Bond watched on as they carried out their check up trying to find what caused her sudden state of unconsciousness. He watched as both medics gave a sidelong glance at each other, causing Bond to feel worry in the pit of his stomach.


“What is it? ”


“If I didn’t know any better she is showing all the signs of being asleep. ”


Bond was perplexed “What do you mean asleep? I can assure she was bloody wide awake when I first came into her office. ”


“That’s why we need to carry out more tests Bond; we’re just as confused as you are. ”


He simply nodded and let the medical team prepare M to take her down to medical. Looking around her office, he noticed the beverage caused the coffee he brought her, his instincts were telling him that M’s sudden mystery state of unconscious was due to that.


Walking over to her desk he picked up the cup, hoping Q would be able to test it for anything suspicious. It was one time he hoped his instincts were wrong, because if they were right then it was he that caused her to be the way she is now. The thought was like a blow to his chest.


“Are you coming Bond?”


He turned to look at the medic. “I’ll be down later. There is something I have to do first. Make sure she is okay. ”


The medic gave him a nod and Bond watched as the carried M from her office and out of his line of vision.


Taking a deep breath, he followed the medics, only to be stopped by Moneypenny.


“What happened James? ”


James saw the worry on her face. M meant more too many than just himself.


“They’re not sure; they have to run more tests. ”


“She’ll be alright though won’t she? ”


“For all our sakes, we can only hope. ”


Moneypenny crossed her arms over her chest, lost in her thoughts when she noticed him holding one of the cups he had earlier.


“Where are you going with that? ”


James looked to the cup of brown liquid which seemed to be mocking him.

“Q branch. I want Q to have this tested. ”


“You don’t think coffee caused this? ”


“Right now Moneypenny, I’m not too sure of anything. I need you to contact Tanner. He should know about the situation. Where is he anyway? ”


“He’s at a parliamentary meeting in M’s place. Her schedule was full, so Tanner volunteered to go instead. I’ll call him, no doubt he’ll want to be here. ”


James watched as she made her way back to her desk allowing him to pass.


“I’ll keep you updated on what I know. Don’t worry Moneypenny, M’s strong, she’ll be alright. ”


He didn’t know who he was trying to convince Moneypenny or himself.


“I hope you’re right James. ”


The defeated tone in Moneypenny’s voice caused him to be even more determined to discover the underlying cause of this mess. He refused to lose M, and he would do everything in his power to ensure she would be all right.

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