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No one ever dies for wanting too much [8/?]

Author: detectivcaz

Rating: M

Pairing(s): Bond/M

Disclaimer: Usual apply. I do not own the Bond franchise.

Summary: Sir Robert King was not the only one caught in the explosion in MI6. When M is injured in the blast, they are about to find out that it is someone from the past who is out for revenge, and they plan to succeed by any means necessary. However, Bond is determined to stop their assailant, before he takes the one person who means the world to him, M. (AU of the movie).

Chapter 8

M was just finishing packing the last of the essentials she would need for the next few days when there was a knock at her door.

"It's probably Tanner." She told James as he picked up his Walther and pulled back the safety with his thumb.

"Wait here."

She crossed her arms over her chest as she watched James leave the room and had to refrain from rolling her eyes. When no shots were forthcoming, she walked into the living room to see the once empty room now packed with agents.

"Break anything and it's coming out your pay, do I make myself clear." There was a murmur of 'Ma'am from each of them.

M watched as Bond and Tanner finally made their presence known, giving Tanner a nod in acknowledgement when his eyes found hers.

"What are we looking for Ma'am?" One of the agents asked her to her right.

"We're not exactly sure, but there is no doubt he has been watching her for some time. He knows her routine and he knew when she was asleep. So look for camera's and anything that seems suspicious."

Bond told them in seriousness, ignoring the death glare M was sending him. The agents could feel the tension between them. Not wanting to be caught in the crossfire they got straight to work.

She waited until the agents got to work before making her way over to the both of them.

"Since when did you answer to Ma'am Bond?" She noticed he was about to defend himself, but she cut him off.

"Save it, I am more than capable of giving orders to my agents, especially in my own home Bond. Tanner I need you to access the security camera's from last night."

"Ma'am." Tanner left them to it and went to set up the equipment.

"M, I know you are more than capable of giving orders, but your life is at stake here. You may be taking it lightly, but I'm taking it seriously. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to help Tanner. You may want to bring that card so it can be checked for prints. Don't bother about the photo, it's already been taken care of."

M narrowed her eyes and watched as he made his way over to Tanner, the bloody nerve of him. She would be having words with him on just who the boss was around here. Clenching her hands into fists, she marched towards the kitchen to get the card.

"You've done it now Bond." The two men watched her leave, her posture tense with anger.

"I'm only doing it because I care about her Tanner, I can't afford to lose her."

"That may be the case Bond, but you have to realise M is capable of looking after herself. You and I both have known her long enough to know she doesn't like to be wrapped in cotton wool. All I'm saying is trust her judgement, she knows what she's doing."

"I don't doubt that Tanner, it's the way she may go about it that troubles me."

"Perhaps you should worry about that when the time comes, because quite frankly the way you're acting, you're going to end up pushing her away."

Tanner turned back to his task, just as M walked back over to them the letter and envelope in hand.

"There was a photo, but Bond felt it prudent to discard that piece of evidence." Her tone was cold and detached, it reminded Bond of the time she first met him.

Tanner grabbed one of the plastic evidence bags and held it open she could place it inside.

"Hopefully Q will be able to get prints from these, but I won't hold my breath." Tanner told them with regret.

"Do what you can Tanner. Have you managed to access the security cameras?" She stood next to Tanner staring at the laptop, refusing to meet Bond's gaze that she could feel burning into her back.

"Just about to Ma'am." He powered on the laptop, then searched for the necessary files he needed.

"M, I…"

She turned to look at the contrite expression on Bonds's face, she couldn't discuss this with him now.

"Later 007. Time and place."

He gave her a ghost of a smile at the use of his number, he wasn't out of the dog house just yet, but it as a start at least.

"Got it Ma'am."

The three of them crowded round the screen. Tanner had to hold back a smile at seeing the famous Evil Queen of Numbers snuggled up with one of her agents on one of the four camera's that was on display.

"Say one word of this Tanner and I will end you." M told him seriously.

"Secret is safe with me Ma'am."

They continued watching the feed for any sign of Renard. Tanner wished there was sound, he had never seen Bond this domesticated and he wondered what they were talking about, before Bond left to go to the bathroom. Everything looked normal until they saw it.

"Pause it Tanner." M told him quickly.

"Zoom in."

Tanner did as was instructed, the image becoming clearer, but was still difficult to make out. Tanner took a snapshot and pressed play once more. The man stood in the room watching the both of them sleep, taking snapshots of the two lovers in the bed. The three of them continued to watch as he approached M and ran his fingers through her hair and placed a kiss on her temple.

She felt her blood run cold, she was thankful when Bond placed a hand on her shoulder in some comfort, even if his grip was a bit tight. The man stood back and walked out of the bedroom, stopping at the door and looked straight into the camera he knew was there.

Tanner zoomed in as far as it would allow him determined to get a face recognition on the bastard.

"Oh my god."

Tanner quickly turned to look at M who had a look of shock on her features, but also a hint of anger.

"Do you know who it is?"

"I more than know him Tanner, I was married to him for twelve years."

"M are you sure? The picture isn't clear." Bond asked never taking his eyes from the laptop screen.

"I'm sure James. It's David, it's one face I could never forget, no matter how much I want to." She kept her voice steady, but James had known her long enough to hear the slight tremor that was also present.

"Why would he break into your apartment if you are both separated?" Tanner mumbled to himself.

"That's the main question, Tanner, we divorced five years ago I've heard nothing from him until now."

Bond knew there was a chance that he could be working for Renard, he needed to get close to M, what better way than getting someone who was once close to your target.

"Tanner track him down, and get that image blown up we need to apprehend him."

M turned her head slightly, she had a feeling as to what was going through James' head, "You're thinking there is a possibility he could be working with Renard?"

"More than a possibility M, I would bet my life on it. You said you haven't heard from him for five years, yet he turns up the same day a threat is made against you, almost killing you in the process. He's a part of this, I'm sure of it."

"If you're right Bond, and he has been watching M for some time, that means Renard knows more than we originally thought."

"Sorry to interrupt Tanner, Ma'am." The three of them turned to face the agent.

"What have you found Marshall?" M asked, slipping back into boss persona.

"Whoever has been in your flat Ma'am, they knew where to place the cameras. We also found these." He held up the small clear microphone and handed it over to M.

"We have found more than twenty of them scattered around the various rooms. Whoever is doing this wants to ensure they know every detail of what's happening in your life."

"Thank you Marshall."

He gave her a nod, and went back to his task.

"Ma'am, if these microphones were active it means they know you're going to King's funeral."

"Yes, I'm aware of that Tanner and I don't think we should discuss anything more about it here. I'll meet you at the office, once I've settled some things." She gave him a pointed look, hoping he would get her meaning.

"Of course, Ma'am, we'll finish up here."

"Thank you Tanner." She gave him a small smile, then motioned for Bond to follow her.

He stopped in his tracks when he felt Tanner's hand on his arm holding him in place.

"Make sure she stays safe Bond, without the use of your mollycoddling."

"The staying safe part is guaranteed, the mollycoddling is a different matter, but I guess I can reign it in, to a degree." He turned back to the screen frozen on M's ex husband. He didn't know much about her private life, but he had a feeling they were going to soon find out.


Desolate warehouse outside London

"Well, did you deliver our card expressing our sympathies?"

"I did, but you should know they are on to you. The place is now swarming with agents."

He kept his eyes on the man in front of him, watching as he paced up and down, his booted footsteps echoing around the room.

"I thought she would get them involved, we need to step up our game."

David gave his employer a weary look. When he approached him about a job involving his now ex wife, he jumped at the chance. She had the nerve to divorce him, toss him aside only to fall into bed with one of her agents. If he couldn't have her then no one could. He stayed away, not getting too close, but he was like a moth to a flame.

"What did you have in mind? No doubt she will have protection around her 24/7, especially that bloody agent of hers."

The other man let out a humourless laugh, "Ah yes Mr Bond. He will prove to be tiresome, but a plan has already been set up to ensure he doesn't meddle in our affairs."

He took a step towards him, his face coming into the light. "M will be ours soon enough. She is part of the reason why I am the way I am. I don't have long left, but I will ensure that I accomplish what I've set out to do before then."

David saw the piece of glass shard in his hand, blood dripping onto the floor from where it had cut into his palm. Looking towards his face, noticing there wasn't even a flicker of pain showing.

"We wait until she plays into our hands. She is not the only one with all the cards, I have a secret one of my own who is out for revenge against her as much as I am." He gave him a smirk.

"I'll even ensure you have your way with her one last time before I dispose of her. Our plan won't fail. Now, I think it's time we got prepared for King's funeral, after all, he did go out with a bang, would be a shame to miss the service."

He walked past him, tossing the glass shard on the ground.

"Renard, you said you had a secret card? Who is it?"

He stopped in his tracks and turned, "Someone who your wife knows quite well. We all have our sins David, your wife is no different, no matter how much she tries to bury them. I'll be in touch."

The footsteps disappeared, leaving him standing alone in the warehouse. It was a dangerous game he was playing, but he couldn't bring himself to care. She had ruined him, and he looks forward to returning the favour.


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