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Royale Change [9/?]

Author: detectivecaz

Rating: M

Pairing: Bond/M

Disclaimer: Sadly i don't own any of the characters or Bond franchise

Summary: M accompanies Bond to Casino Royale in Montenegro in order to keep her wayward agent in line. But will her presence help, or become a distraction for Bond? One thing is for certain, the mission will change both their lives. For better or worse, it remains to be seen.

Authors Note: Spoilers for Casino Royale.

Chapter 9

James tried to hide the grin from his face when he heard the knock on the door.


“Come in.”


The smile suddenly disappeared when it wasn’t M, but rather Mitchell, who was at the door. He tried not to let his disappointment show, as Mitchell made his way over to his bed laptop secured under his arm.


“How are you feeling Bond?”


“I’ve been better, but I’ll live.” He moved about trying to get comfortable.


“Good, the sooner you help, the sooner you can help us with this threat. Where’s M? The nurse at reception said she was here.”


Bond’s face paled “She told me she was going to inform you about Mathis.”


“Bond, I never passed her, there is only one corridor from here to the reception. What about Mathis?”


“He was here earlier when I was slightly out of it.”


“Shit! That means he could have been watching our every move.”


Mitchell discarded the laptop on Bonds bedside table and started to alert the other agents through his com.


“Where do you think you’re going Bond!?”


“What does it look like? I may be injured, but I can still do my damn job!”


Whatever Mitchell was going to say was lost when he heard Anderson’s voice through the com asking him how he wanted to handle the situation.


“You, Thompson and Davis keep guard the entrances and exits, while Matthews, Conner, Ross and myself search the building. We need Mathis alive, if you see him you are only to apprehend him. That’s an order.”


“For Christ sake Bond will you get back in that bed!”


James ignored him and was about to pull out his IV when Mitchell’s hand stopped him.


“You will be no use to M in your state. We’ll find M, Mathis may not even have her!”


“Come on Mitchell! You and I both know you don’t believe that! If you do then you’re a fool!”


“If he has her Bond he won’t get far. Now will you get back in that bed and let us do our job!”


Bond gave a frustrated sigh, he knew Mitchell was right, he just hated the thought of not being out there looking for her himself.


“Fine! You had better make sure that bastard doesn’t hurt her Mitchell or I’m also holding you accountable.”


“We’ll find her Bond you have my word.”  


Mitchell didn’t question what the relationship between him and the boss was but he had a suspicion it went further than that of a working relationship.


 M kept her eyes trained on Mathis watching his every move.


“You do realise that you’re going to be caught eventually, don’t you?”


“M you have to understand I had nothing to do with any of this.”


M gave a scoff at the statement and folded her arms across her chest.


“You really expect me to believe that! You were working with Le Chiffrre for Christ sake!”


Mathis shook his head and looked up towards the ceiling.


“And I suppose Le Chiffre told you that?”


“He may have let that piece of information slip.”


M watched as his gaze fell back onto her. “What else do you think you know?”


“Why? So you can go and inform your little criminal organisation! We know it was you that sold us out.”


Mathis let out a laugh “I didn’t sell you out to Le Chiffre that was all Vesper. I caught on to her little game, but before I could warn you, it was already too late. Yes, I may have spoken to Le Chiffre, but only to find out information that could help you and James.”


M still didn’t believe a word of what he was saying.


“It’s the truth M! What would I hope to gain from all of this? I may have done a lot of things in my life, but being a traitor isn’t one of them.”


“Alright, let’s say I believe you, what information did you manage to find out?”


“This organisation Quantum doesn’t begin and end with White, there’s more players than just him. He’s in association with a Dominic Green; he’s apparently one of the top leaders.”


“And do you know exactly what this Dominic Green does? Or What they plan to do if they get a hold of the funds from the poker game?”  M placed both hands on her hips waiting for an answer.


“No, but from the sounds of it the whole organisation is based on wealth and power and act as a third party to help fund terrorist groups. And the way they get their money for their cause…”


“They use blackmail. So, Yusef is in on it.”


“Yes, and on more than one occasion by the sounds of it.”


M paced around the room she could feel herself starting to become agitated. Mathis folded his arms over his chest, watching her walk back and forth, trying to read what she was thinking.


“You should also know that MI6 has mole…”

She stopped pacing for a moment to look at him, “Yes, I’m aware of that; we found out from Valenka that it’s Villiers.”


She could feel herself losing patience.


“Then you ought to know that you have more than one, and one of them is closer than you think.”


M gave him a calculating look, “Who?”


He walked towards her, causing M to tense.


“I’m not sure, but you have to watch your back and James too. They planned to recruit him to their organisation, through Vesper.”


She looked at him in disbelief, “James wouldn’t join them even if their plan involving Vesper worked.”


“You’re right, he probably wouldn’t have, and if he fell for her charms then he may have. However, since that plan hasn’t gone the way they had hoped, no doubt they will use someone else for leverage to make him co-operate.”


M looked into his eyes looking for any sign he was lying, but there was none he was serious.


 “If they want him it will be over my dead body.”


“They won’t have trouble with killing you, but they need you.”


“Me? Why me? I don’t exactly have anything they want.”


His voice got a tad lower in case anyone walked passed.


“You have James, they know about the two of you, you didn’t exactly hide it very well. They will use you against him to make him co-operate.”


M felt her mouth go dry; she couldn’t allow something like that to happen. She felt herself being caught between two evils. She could end what she had with James or stay with him. Either way, she had a feeling both outcomes would un-doubly change them.


Mathis saw the conflicting emotions flash over her face.


“I can’t tell you the best course of action to take M, you have to make that decision. They may not have gotten the winnings and no doubt you will have the account number changed?”



“I thought as much, it will mean they have nothing to lose. You will possess the new account number, James has the password, do you see what I’m talking about. They will do everything to get that new account number, and then use you so James can give them the password and recruit him at the same time.”


Mathis let out a sigh, “He’s loyal to you, they have no chance of recruiting him unless they have you. My advice to you M, get Vesper to contact White, the sooner you get him into custody the sooner you’re more likely to bring down this organisation. Green maybe the top leader, but White holds the secrets.”


“The chances of Vesper contacting White will be slim at most.”


“You have to try, for your sake as well as James’.”


M gave a nod, she knew Mathis was right; they had to bring this organisation down no matter what it took. She was so focused on her thoughts; she didn’t see Mathis reach into his coat pocket.


“Forgive me M.”




Mathis brought out the syringe and quickly injected the contents into M’s arm, before pulling it out throwing it into the corner of the room.


“It’s only a sedative, the effects won’t last long. No doubt your bodyguards will be looking for you.”


M could feel her body relaxing, she tried to focus on Mathis but all she could see was a blur. She tried to speak, but could only make small noises that sounded pitiful to her own ears. She felt herself being lifted into his arms, wondering where he was taking her, before she was placed on something soft, realising it was a medical bed.


“It’s better that your people think I’m still a traitor, that way they will be oblivious to what you know M. It’s for your own safety. I’ll be in touch.”


She heard his footsteps grow fainter, and the sound of the door opening before closing behind him. She felt her eyes closing and let her body give into the sedative’s effects.


 Bond waited until Mitchell’s footstep died away, then pulling out his IV he ignored the pain and blood that ran down his hand causing a series of small droplets on the floor. Throwing back the blankets, he swung his legs over the bed grimacing in pain at the new position was causing him. He could feel his legs wobble slightly as he tried to stand, holding onto the bed for support. Taking careful steps, he slowly made his way over to the door, losing his balance a few times, as he did so.


He could feel himself becoming breathless with each step he took, he chose to ignore it, finding M was more important anything else he would worry about later. Opening the door, he looked up and down the corridor noticing it was clear.  Heading in the direction that led to the reception looking into each of the rooms as he did, the journey was slower than he would have liked. 


Reaching another long corridor, he noted one of the rooms had its blinds closed, narrowing his eyes, he made his way over to the room. All the other rooms blinds were open and the rooms empty. Either it was a patient, or it contained M.


Taking a few moments to catch his breath, he pushed open the door and looked into the room his eyes spotting M unmoving on the centre of the medical bed. Walking as quickly as his body would allow he reached her side, cautiously reaching out his hand feeling for her pulse, letting out a sigh when he felt the strong beat against his fingers.


He gently shook her shoulders, hoping to get her to stir, but luck wasn’t on his side. Looking around the room, he spotted a piece of paper on the bedside cabinet. Walking round to the other side of the bed, he picked up the white sheet, and quickly read it.




If you're reading this it means you’ve found M. I’ve given her a light sedative the effects should last half an hour at most.


I’ve told her what I know, M will explain more. For now, it’s better for Six to think I’m still a traitor for M’s safety and your own.


Hope there will be no ill feelings between us. I’ll try and keep you bth updated if I find out any more information. .


Both of you stay safe and be careful on who you trust. The threat is closer than you think. .


A Friend


He didn’t know whether to thank Mathis or punch him the next time he saw him. Crumpling the paper in his hand, he looked down at M wondering what he had told her. He heard footsteps at the doorway, turning he saw Mitchell and three other agents in the doorway.


“I told you to stay put Bond!”


“Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t, it seems I’ve done your job for you.”


Mitchell walked over to him, “Where’s Mathis?”


“I don’t know he was gone by the time I got here. Your boss is fine by the way.”


“What did he do?” He looked down M.


“I’m guessing a sedative since she’s still breathing.”


He was becoming frustrated at Mitchell’s attitude; he gave him a calculating look trying to get into his head to see what he was thinking. He seemed to be on edge, but what about he didn’t know.


“Hopefully she can tell us when she wakes up. I’m surprised he didn’t kill her.”


To Bond it sounded like he was disappointed they he hadn’t.


“Well Mathis is not one for mess.” He kept his voice level, never taking his eyes off the other man.


“I’ll get the agents to keep looking for him, but for now…”


Bond watched as he pressed the call button on the wall.


“I’m getting the nurses to take you back to your room, maybe get them to strap you down while I’m at it, so you don’t go gallivanting off again.”


He bet the bastard would too, gritting his teeth as he gave him a smug look. To someone else it probably would have sounded like a joke, but not to him. There was an eagerness about it, as if he was trying to get him out the way. One thing he knew was that he would be keeping an eye on him, a very close eye. There had been too many coincidences were Mitchell was concerned, and he’ll be damned if he let’s M be alone with him.


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