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Clash of the M's [5/?]

Author: detectivecaz

Rating: M

Pairing: Bond/M

Disclaimer: Sadly i don't own any of the characters or Bond franchise

Summary: Craig Bond and co have found the Brosnan Bond movies. Thinking they are just movies they disregard them. However, when Q decides to watch one of the Brosnan movies on a new gadget, he is in for a shock when Brosnan Bond and M are transported to his world. When M comes face to face with her counterpart, their troubles are about to begin, as MI6 only has room for one M.

Authors Note: Bold/Italics ~ Mallory's side of the conversation.

Chapter 5

Numb. That's what Olivia was feeling as she made her way back to her office. She couldn't believe that he was gone. After everything he had gone through in the past, the one person she trusted was gone thanks to a bullet from his doppelganger.

Letting herself into her office, she looked around, her eyes catching the china bulldog on her desk that was looking at her in accusation. She only got it to annoy James, and she was right about that assumption.

Taking her seat behind her desk, she reached out for the bulldog turning it so it was facing towards her. It was partly due to her that they were in this mess, and she would take responsibility for her actions. If the committee wanted rid of her then she would, but not before, she resolved the issue.


She looked towards the sound of the voice noticing Barbara in the doorway it was the first time she had seen the woman unsure of how to proceed since she had arrived. Olivia held her tongue waiting to see what she had to say.

"I know I'm the last person you want to see, but I don't regret my orders. I had a chance and I took it, even though the outcome was not the way I envisioned it to be. Ask yourself this though, what would you have done if I didn't give the orders for 007 to take the shot, or if we weren't here and it was someone else in 007's place. What would do?"

Olivia let out a sigh, it was one conversation she didn't want to discuss, but it looked as if Barbara wouldn't budge until she got an answer,

"I think you know what I would have done."

Barbara walked over to her, "I need to hear you say it."

"Why? So you can gloat?"

"No, reassurance, because believe it or not I truly am sorry you lost Bond, it was never my intention for it to end the way it did."

Olivia knew that herself, she took the opportunity when they had it, she couldn't blame the other woman for that.

"If you hadn't given those orders for 007 to take the shot, I would have done it myself."

She watched as Barbara's face softened somewhat as she took a seat in front of her.

"But I need to ask you this. If our roles were reversed and I gave the order for Bond to take the shot and it killed 007 instead. What would you have done, knowing that my orders killed your best agent?"

"At first I would be angry and may have slapped you, but once I had calmed down and thought everything over, I would gradually accept that the orders were the best course of action."

Olivia gave her a nod, "You have just described how I'm feeling at the moment, but I won't slap you no matter how much it would satisfy me."

"Well, that's something at least." Barbara have her a weak smile.

"Quite, and I'll tell you something that I used to tell Bond. Regret is unprofessional. Remember that. I had better inform the committee what has happened, no doubt they will want to speak with me."

"What do you want us to do? I'm staying until this full situation is resolved, besides two M's against them, they're in for a shock."

Olivia had a feeling the other woman wouldn't leave, secretly she was glad that she would have at least some back up.

"All right, if you're sure you MI6 won't fall to the ground while you're here."

Barbara gave her a smirk, "No chance of that, 007 is here with me so MI6 will be relatively damage free."

"Thank goodness for small favours then."

Barbara watched as she gave a smirk that mirrored her own, but didn't reach her eyes, which were full of sadness, with a trace of determination. Olivia may have denied having feelings for Bond brushing them off as if it was nothing, when Barbara could tell Bond meant more to her than what she may have realised.

"Quite, you had better make that phone call. I've given 007 orders to return to headquarters. No doubt you will want to speak with him."

"I would, if you could send him to my office once he returns that would be greatly appreciated. I need to write Bond's obituary. What do you say about a man like that?"

The thought of writing 007's obituary has never crossed her mind. She always had faith that he would return to her alive and he hadn't broken that promise yet.

"The truth, he was dedicated agent and a server of British fortitude, but if I'm brutally honest, he would hate it no matter what you write. 007 no doubt would think the same if you showed him it."

"Yes, I thought he might."

Barbara rose from her seat and left Olivia with what needed to be done. She watched her leave, then looked towards her phone, she was dreading making the call, but I needed to be done.

Taking a deep breath, she picked up the phone and dialled, waiting with baited breath for the person on the other end to pick up.

"Intelligence and Security Comitee, Gareth Malory's office."

"It's M, I need to speak to Mr Mallory immediately. A serious situation has come up and agents' lives are at risk."

"Hold on a moment."

M let out a sigh, bloody typical.

"Putting you through now."

"Thank you."


"No doubt my message has been passed on."

"Yes, it has. How did you let this happen? Do you have any idea the seriousness of this situation?"

"I'm fully aware of the seriousness of this situation Mallory. I sent Bond to retrieve the hard drive, unfortunately he failed and I've lost two agents."

"If you kept an eye on your people, this situation could have been avoided."

"Are you questioning my authority?"

"That's exactly what I'm doing. I need you in my office tomorrow morning at the latest so we can discuss on how to handle this matter."

"Very well."

"Nine sharp, no later."

M clenched her hand, feeling her nails dig into her palm.

"I'll see you then."

"Oh, and M, I'm sorry for the loss of your agents."

Hearing the dial tone, she placed the receiver back down, dreading the conversation that tomorrow would bring. She could worry about that later, right now, she had to deal with Bond's obituary and truthfully, this was going to be harder to face than any meeting with Mallory.

Bringing up his file on her laptop, she stared at his picture for a few moments trying to remember every detail. She was still trying to process that he was actually gone; she would have to sell his flat, and get rid of his personal belongings. The thought caused a pain in her heart and she had no idea why. It was protocol for the death of an unmarried agent with no next of kin. Thinking long and hard she decided she would put his things in storage, bugger protocol.

Taking one last look at his file, she changed his status from active to deceased, that single word alone made it final, he as gone. Casting her emotions aside, she closed his file, brought up a blank document, and started to type his obituary. Her hands hovered above the keys as she thought about what to say. She thought back to their first meeting right up to present day and how their relationship changed through the years.

She had no idea how much time had passed when she felt a presence of someone else in her office with her.

"Ma'am, Barbara said you wanted to see me?"

She looked up to see 007 standing in front of her, looking haggard and his voice holding regret.

"Yes, have a seat."

007 did as she requested, when he entered her office, he didn't miss the far away look in her eyes, no doubt thinking about Bond.

"The reason why I asked you here is because I know you blame yourself for Bond's death. You may have taken the shot, but it was Bond's own decision to follow Patrice, he wouldn't want you to blame yourself, although he might be pissed you ruined his suit."

He let out a breath he didn't know that he was holding, she may not blame him, but he could tell she was blaming herself. Reaching out, he took one of his hands in hers, causing her to look at him questioningly.

"He wouldn't want you to blame yourself either, he cared about you even though he didn't voice it his actions said more than enough."

Olivia felt tears well up in her eyes, and diverted her attention away from him. The last thing she needed was for him to see her break down. She tried to keep them at bay, but she could feel a few escape and leaving a wet trail down her face.

007 didn't hesitate, he stood up and moved so he was behind her desk next to her. Gently turning her chair around, he reached under her chin and motioned for her to look at him.

The sight of her dark blue eyes filled with sorrow caused his heart to clench. Reaching up, he started to wipe away her tears with his thumb.

"We'll fix this Olivia."

"I hope you're right because if we don't I'll have more deaths of agents on my shoulders and goodness knows what else."

He gave her hand a squeeze in comfort, "You've got Tanner, Barbara and me. You won't have to face this alone."

She blinked her eyes a couple of times to get her tears under control.

"It's alright to cry once in a while, no one will think any less of you."

"I'm not one for showing weakness 007."

"It's not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of grieving. If anyone deserves a good cry occasionally, it's you. You're as bad as Barbara you think you're both indestructible when you're both human just like the rest of us."

"Speak for yourself."

"I think today proved myself and your Bond we aren't as indestructible as we make out to be."

It felt like a dam had opened at his words and she couldn't stop the tears that fell. She felt herself pulled from her seat and his arms wrapping themselves around her holding her close to his chest.

"Let it out, I've got you." He whispered into her hair.

She held onto him tightly, he was the closest thing she had to Bond; his name caused more tears to fall, the sounds muffled by his chest.

He held her as she wept; never judging. From the sounds of it, It seemed that she needed this for a while. He felt his shirt getting wet from her tears, but he didn't care, he only cared for the woman grieving in his arms. Even though he only knew her for a few hours, he felt a connection to her, maybe because she was identical to his own M.

Her tears finally subsided, but she didn't leave his embrace taking in the comfort he was offering. She felt him place at the side of her temple, causing her to pull back and look at him. He brought removed one of his arms from around her, his hand cupping her face, as he gently caressed her cheek with the pad of his thumb. Olivia felt herself leaning into his soothing touch.

He had no idea what possessed him to do it, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her lips, feeling her tense at first before relaxing and started to respond. He pulled her closer to him, her body pressed tightly against his. Never would he think about kissing his boss, except this wasn't his boss.

She let out a moan, as his tongue made quick work of exploring her mouth, she could feel her heart beating loudly in her ears, her hands found their way into his hair gently pulling on the strands causing him to let out a moan of his own. Time seemed to catch up with her. Realising what she was doing, she abruptly pulled away, breaking the kiss and stepping out of his embrace trying to create some distance between them.

She was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath; she shouldn't have allowed that to happen. Looking over to him, she noticed he was in a similar state as her. She couldn't allow it to happen again.


"This shouldn't have happened. It was unprofessional."

"It wasn't your fault, but I think we need to talk about this."

"There is nothing to talk about, it was a mistake. We were caught up in the moment, that's all. Anything else is irrelevant."

James shook his head in disbelief, "Is that what you really believe? I for one don't buy it for a second."

Olivia tried to look anywhere other than him.

"This meeting is over 007, I had better get back to what I was doing, and no doubt Barbara will be waiting for you."

He knew he would get nowhere tonight, but he couldn't just ignore this, if anything for the first time he was as confused as she was. It just felt right when he held her in his arms, her presence filling his senses and for the first time he felt complete.

For now he would wait, he didn't want to push her, she knew as well as he did there was something more behind that kiss other than being caught up in the moment. He walked towards the door of her office, hesitating before he turned to look back at her.

"I'm not going to let this go Olivia."

"Then you're going to have to learn to 007."

She retook her seat and focused her attention back on her laptop like he found her earlier. Letting out a sigh, he left her to it.

Olivia's brain was going into overdrive; she couldn't get that kiss out of her head no matter what she tried. Then there was the matter with Barbara, she didn't know how she would be able to look at other woman again without her knowing what had happened. Her words from when she first arrived in her office played over her mind.

She stared once again at the picture of Bond, his face staring back accusingly. Her conscience was now filled with what she could only describe as guilt. She and Bond weren't in a relationship, but it felt as if she had cheated on him with his doppelganger when Bond himself was only declared dead mere hours before. She always said regret is unprofessional, but the regret she felt about not knowing what a relationship with Bond would have been like would stay with her for years to come.

Trying to push the thoughts to the back of her mind, she focused on finishing his obituary, and then she would prepare for this bloody meeting. She won't leave until this mess is over with, she refused to let Bond's death be in vain.


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